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Looking Forward To The Technology Development Trend Of Alarming Service Industry

Jun 13, 2017

Since the 90 's, China's alarm service industry has experienced a faster development period, from scratch, from small to large, has now begun to take shape, has become a more influential security industry. Throughout these more than 10 years of change and development, electronic, communications, computer technology in the alarm industry, has undoubtedly played a powerful catalytic and promotional role. The progress and development of technology has indeed become an important driving force for the development of alarm service industry.
Security Alarm, is a comprehensive industry. In terms of technology alone, it involves a wide range of professions, such as electronics, optics, communications, computers and networks, and new developments in these fields, either late or early, will also be used in the alarm industry.
Development of detectors
Detectors, is the front-end equipment of the alarm system, they are like human facial features, can feel and measure the external environment of the various elements and changes. such as light, sound, temperature, smell, pressure, movement of objects, etc. In the system, it plays the role of Sentry. The working principle, circuit design, component quality, production process and inspection means can reflect the scientific and technological level of a country to a certain extent.
The development of detector technology mainly includes the following aspects. First, the use of new detection means to create new detection methods, such as the recent emergence of laser detection, vibration fiber and so on; second, the development of new materials, making the sensor and its accessories to produce better performance, higher reliability; third, in the circuit design on the other ideas, thus obtains the better characteristic, such as the infrared detector's shielding function, the direction judgment function and so on; four is intellectualized, uses the powerful control chip, the hardware and software combination, uses the intelligent algorithm analysis various external factors influence, causes the detection to have the higher accuracy Five is to strengthen self-check, improve self-protection ability, reduce power consumption, this is especially important for wireless detectors.
The development of alarm host
More than 10 years, the domestic production of alarm host, whether it is variety, quantity, or quality, have made great strides. Some manufacturers carefully absorb the advantages of foreign equipment, summed up a variety of host success or failure of experience and lessons, widely listen to the user's requirements and opinions, the continuous improvement of products, so in the market has occupied a considerable proportion. According to the reflection of most users, domestic host and foreign brands compared, the main gap is not functional differences, but in the reliability is not good, rate higher, product consistency is slightly worse, the urgent need in quality and performance, there is a greater improvement.
For the alarm host manufacturers, to improve their brand awareness. Of course, in the creation of brand, the application of new technology is still very necessary. The development trend may be reflected in the following aspects.
First, the application of new devices. In the alarm system, some special-purpose IC chips are being promoted gradually, these chips are powerful and highly integrated, such as some chips, can set control, clock, voice, communication in one, so that the system's circuit composition is simpler, lower cost, reliability will be greatly improved;
Second, the development of communication means. At present, the alarm system uses landline to transmit information, is a universal means, but in the actual promotion, the effect is not ideal, the main reason is the high cost, in general, the alarm system requires 24 hours a day on standby, and the network all day online costs will be much higher than the telephone line. And the cable itself is also vulnerable to damage. Recently, it was proposed to use GPRS mobile communication to solve the problem of damage prevention. Because the GPRS is according to the information flowmeter fee, thus overcomes the expense high disadvantage, moreover uses the GPRS module to carry on the development, itself the cost is not high, the user is easy to accept. Once this scheme is put forward, it has been well reflected, and there are already some examples of GPRS network in China, and it is believed that the scheme will have strong vitality and development space in the future.
Third, the review of the police situation, the main means of review is nothing more than audio and video two kinds. Although the audio review is simple, but the effect is not ideal, the use of video review more reliable, good practicality. With the opening and application of 3G in China, the advantages of video transmission will be embodied gradually, which creates good conditions for video transmission and real-time review, it is an innovative approach.
The development of alarm system
Wireless alarm system, because of its simple installation, easy to use, and installation will not cause damage to interior decoration, so has been the preferred product for home users. With the improvement of people's living standards, alarm products in the family increasingly popular, wireless alarm system obviously has a huge market potential. However, there are some problems in the current wireless device, which bring a great limitation to the use.
Alarm as an important part of security system, another obvious trend of development is with other parts of the synthesis, more common such as alarm, access control, video surveillance integration. The advantage of integration is that each subsystem can be combined organically to give full play to its role, but also to reduce management staff and improve work efficiency.
Development of Alarm Center running software
The Operation software of the center is also an important part of the alarm industry technology. It is an important means to improve management level and work efficiency. As a result, the alarm center operation management software should be generated.
The operation and management software of the alarm center is the deepening and expansion of the police software, which has a complete function of the Access police platform, it also takes into account the needs of the center's internal management, its basic requirements: one is comprehensive, can fully reflect the center of all aspects of business operation, the second is flexible, can adapt to the needs of various structures of the center, the third is practical, can easily import various types of data information. The management software should have the functions of classification statistics, data analysis, data lookup and output printing to share the information of enterprise, and guide the work through the predetermined process and the plan reminding function.