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Fundamentals Of Automotive Acoustics

Jun 15, 2017

Speakers are also called "horns". is a very commonly used electro-acoustic devices, into the car audio shop, in addition to a dazzling array of host and power amplifier, you will also see those styles are different, exquisite chic car horn, you may think the same as the general household stereo, otherwise. Where is the difference?

1. Temperature
Home speakers are used in the room, so the temperature difference is small, and the car horn works outdoors, as the climate is changeable, the temperature difference is big, so we should be able to resist temperature aging.

2. Humidity
Cars in the rain, go to water sections, washing cars are subject to damp attacks, so the car speakers need moisture, now more use of moisture-proof chemical synthetic material sound basin. But the owner in the use process must pay attention to man-made damage, to prevent the speaker damp.

3, Dust
Home appliance speakers in the room use, so less dust, and the car dust, need to dust, lest because of dust produced by the sound coil friction and noise, once such phenomenon, to stop use, otherwise will make the horn completely damaged.

4. Vibration
Car horn at any time by car motion vibration shock, so the design should be firmly not loose, installation is also important solid.

5. Noise
Considering all kinds of noise and vibration conditions, the materials used are different, and various methods should be used to counteract the noise.
In order to obtain the big power, the car horn's impedance is small, uses 4, 3.2 and 3.6 more.

6. Sound Environment
Home audio in the indoor, sound environment is good, not easy to produce auditory sound, it is easy to meet our listening, but in the car, because the noise on the road is too large, invisible will reduce the listening environment, in order to meet our listening, will inevitably be greater than in the volume requirements in the room, virtually the life of the horn is damaged. Therefore, the use of reasonable and correct use, can not blindly pursue sound effects, resulting in the Speaker life premature aging, in order to appear abnormal distortion.