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Discussion On The Development Trend Of Internet Alarm Service

As a new industry in China, the network alarm service has been developing for more than more than 20 years, and has gone through the stage of development from nothing, from the study of imitation to the independent innovation, from disorder to order. In a short span of 20 years, our country is now large and small alarm business enterprises near thousands, all over the country, for the tens of thousands of fixed target and mobile target users with the characteristics of security alarm service, in the protection of the People's property and life security, as well as the construction of a safe society has played a

At this stage, one step at a step from scratch to develop and grow up alarm operation service Enterprises, is facing how to effectively integrate the original company and market customer resources, how to deepen the internal management of the company, and how from the equipment, technology, after-sale and other aspects of refinement requirements and management issues.

The trend of trans-regional, networked, multilevel and meticulous management of network alarm operation Service Enterprises

Another feature of the current alarm service market development is how to use new technologies to better serve end-users. Quick and accurate reception from the user's police situation and timely police, to reduce the loss of users is essential, the main performance of the following aspects.

First, the upgrading of the Network Center hardware: The traditional telephone line access to the police hardware platform can no longer meet the needs of the police. According to our country's current alarm center, general regional large-scale alarm network Service platform will exceed the number of customers, to meet such a large number of end-users of daily alarm information received, send police, fault handling and remote maintenance management problems, at least dozens of of the telephone line to be used by the police. On the one hand increases the operating cost, on the other hand increases the management difficulty.
Second, network upgrade of Network Alarm center software should be synchronized with the network of terminal equipment. Alarm system of the front-end equipment, central access to police equipment and central processing software is one, need to synchronize upgrades. Large-scale access centers need to use large-scale, professional Access Center software, its data processing capacity and response speed, remote control of the convenience to improve the efficiency of the police, send the police, reduce management costs and operational risks have an important role.
Third, networked alarm network requires alarm operation service company to establish its own server platform. With the mature development of the network alarm mode with fixed telephone line, the shortage of fixed telephone line resources and the high related communication cost, in recent years, with the maturity of GPRS transmission technology and the application and popularization of the network alarm operation service, it is necessary to set up its own Internet access police server and alarm platform.

The diversified development trend of alarm application market

From the current situation, the current and the next few years, the domestic alarm service market's main demand is still the financial system users and business users, mainly concentrated in the commercial shops, institutions, schools, museums and financial systems.

In addition, with the improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of the safety of their own improvement, community alarm service is still a good practitioner, but still not a large area of application.

In short, after the competition and integration of the domestic network alarm Operation services market, the diversification of resources and capital injection will be in the next few years to create a number of large alarm operators. The release of the security management Regulations is a milestone of China's security alarm service from the government to the market, and will undoubtedly become the biggest development opportunity for alarm service industry in China. Each alarm operation service operation company should take advantage of the current good timing, so the major enterprises in the greater alarm operation of the service market is open before a sufficient preparation to meet the alarm operation of the spring service.