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Development Situation Of Loudspeaker Market In China

Jun 15, 2017

In the audible electrical and electronic equipment can see the speaker, the speaker is what we usually call the horn, is a kind of electrical signals converted into sound signal of the transducer device, is the speaker playback terminal, so the performance of the speaker will directly affect the quality of the play. To meet the higher requirements of different use environments and different sound equipment, in recent years, with the continuous development of digital audio technology, the speaker requirements are more stringent, in order to adapt to the development of science and technology to meet the needs of different consumers, many companies are constantly improving the performance of loudspeakers, research and development of new materials, new technology and the use of novel design methods. At present, the loudspeaker industry in China has developed very well, and the product quality of operation and production has already possessed the international market competitiveness. As China's loudspeaker industry runs downstream demand for market expansion, export growth, the future will usher in a new development opportunities.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, communication is more and more developed, electronic products to upgrade rapidly, special mobile phones, computer market development is very fast, and towards multi-function, personalized, miniaturization of the direction of development, but the sound effect is to continue to improve, multimedia film playback, cell phone ringtones, arranger function, MP3 listening and so on, need to have a better sound interface, domestic market demand is expanding, also conducive to the development of loudspeakers.

With the rapid development of China's economy, the global manufacturing industry began to transfer to the mainland, coupled with huge domestic market demand, making our country has become the world's largest producer of mobile terminals and consumer countries. According to the Ministry of Information Industry, at present, China has a global mobile phone nearly 1/3 production and about 1/5 of the sales market, China's mobile phone production reached 198 million, the year-on-year growth of 65%, sales of 196 million, year-on-year growth of 64.5%, production and sales rate of 98.8%, export volume of 80 million, year-on-year growth of 95.1%, export rate of 40.5%. As a handset accessory product essential Electro-acoustic device, facing the handset industry so rapid development, the future development of our country loudspeaker industry will usher in the unprecedented prosperity, effectively promoted the rapid development of electroacoustic devices in our country.