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Current Status Of Loudspeaker Technology Abroad

Jun 15, 2017

Speakers and loudspeaker system as a sound terminal, its quality, will directly affect the entire sound system sound effect of the play, therefore, in order to meet the different use of the environment and the higher requirements of different audio equipment, in order to improve the sound quality of the entire audio system, the various companies engaged in loudspeaker production abroad are constantly committed to research and development of new products, improve electrical performance, and continue to develop new materials, new processes and the use of So in recent years have introduced a variety of speakers, with a large capacity to withstand the power, high efficiency, pointing to the characteristics of wide.

At present, many foreign loudspeaker manufacturing companies adopt new magnetic materials, by adopting the new design method, the magnetic flux balance, the reduction of the drive source inductance and the new structure of heat conduction are set up, so that the magnetic energy can reach 3.6MGsOe above, which increases the capacity of the speaker to withstand power, and enlarges the intensity of the bass replay. Some speaker vibration film using titanium material, the material produced by the vibrating film, so that the high frequency of the loudspeaker has been greatly extended, power capacity has been greatly improved. The bass speaker uses laminated high-density composite paper pots. The sound coil uses flat line, because the flat line duty coefficient is high, the magnetic circuit gap utilization rate is high, can obtain the high sensitivity.

Before the professional expansion of the most commonly used in the number of cylinders is exponential, now with the progress of science and technology, with a new direction of the tube, began to gradually replace the simple index. The pointing type cylinder adopts the side wall of different shape, and converts the simple straight line and exponential form into complex and discontinuous functions to achieve constant directivity.

Karaoke Karaoke, Ballroom and home theater use of speaker speakers with the development of science and technology, new products are emerging, these new products not only the technical performance is excellent, but also high sensitivity, transient response good, dynamic range. This loudspeaker speaker is common with two-way frequency divider speaker speakers and three-way divider speaker speakers.

The two-way frequency divider speaker speaker is made up of a 8-or 6.5-inch bass unit plus a top tweeter. If the medium-low frequency only uses one loudspeaker, in order to guarantee the directivity and the phase characteristic is good, requires the loudspeaker unit to have the wide piston vibration range without the split vibration, but this kind of bass effect is difficult to satisfy people's request, therefore, in order to meet the bass effect, but also developed a dumbbell speaker speaker, with two 8-inch or 6.5-inch woofer between the A-ball-top treble unit to strengthen the bass.

Three-way frequency divider speaker is on the basis of a two-way increase of 1 alto units, so that the full use of each unit of the piston vibration band, reduce distortion, improve power capacity. Both the two-way or triple-frequency have good leakage-proof magnetic performance.

In order to be able to show the effect of theaters in the general home theater, surround sound is very important. The current surround sound can be roughly divided into two types: directional logic surround sound and DSP surround sound. DSP surround sound is the use of digital processing technology to simulate the sound of the theater to survive, this surround sound requires the front, middle and rear indicator speakers sound to balance, pointing to the ideal.

Most of the previous heavy bass output is the use of large vibration pots, but the bass effect is not very good. In order to meet the needs of home theater audio market, many companies are committed to research and development of large amplitude subwoofer, the most representative radial neodymium magnetic system of the 18-inch subwoofer by controlling the thickness of the roof and using a 0.5-inch ring in the 2-inch long magnetic gap to obtain a larger linear motion range to improve the bass effect. In order to have a good bass effect in a small loudspeaker, will be similar to the cantilever structure paste in the vibrating film, so that the vibrating film can be in the cylindrical frame of the longer piston movement, so that the vibration basin can be up to 2cm before and after the small size of the speaker can have a good bass effect.