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Causes And Overhaul Of Car Horn

Jun 15, 2017

Car horn is used frequently when driving devices, if used often appear mono, poor quality, and when good bad, sometimes does not sound such as failure, to bring a lot of inconvenience to the owner. Related reading: What to do if the car horn doesn't sound or emits a different sound? How to carry out daily maintenance and self maintenance of car horn

When the horn appears above the fault, should first distinguish between the line fault or the speaker itself.

Let's see how the Horn works. When the speaker button on the steering wheel or other position is pressed, the current from the battery flow through the loop to the loudspeaker relay's electromagnetic coil, the electromagnetic coil attracts the relay's dynamic contact switch closes, the current will flow to the horn. The electric current of the loudspeaker works so that the vibrating film vibrates and emits sound.

Line fault mainly for the line virtual connection, such as: Speaker plug terminal loosening, horn relay contact ablation, Steering wheel horn switch contact bad. However, in a lot of loudspeaker failures, especially in winter, the problem is the speaker itself.

Combined with our environment and other factors, the speaker's fault is mainly the following reasons:

1. Contact ablation: If a long time according to the horn easily caused by the horn contact ablation and produce impedance, flow through the electromagnetic coil weakened, the electromagnetic suction drop can not attract the armature to drive the normal vibration of the diaphragm, resulting in hoarse pronunciation, and even not sound. But constantly press the horn, if the instantaneous strong current through the impedance can still work normally, so will be good when bad.