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The maintenance of loudspeakers

Jun 15, 2017

Microphone Considerations:

1. The battery should be removed during a long period of time.

2. When the volume is changed, the battery should be recharged or replaced in time.

3. In order to achieve good results, please sound the microphone core, in case the direction is not causing howling.

4. Non-rechargeable batteries are forbidden to be recharged.

5. Loudspeakers should be placed in the indoor dry and ventilated place to avoid sun, rain, water, heavy fall.

6. Non-professional technology please do not arbitrarily disassemble or repair the machine, if you have any questions, please contact us. Or find the local electrical repair Department repair.

Usually the microphone is a vulnerable piece. Please note that the plug is plugged in when inserting, rather than direct pull.

For a long time no, please take out the battery separately, lest the battery leakage damage the loudspeaker.