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Quality evaluation

Jun 15, 2017

Sound quality evaluation is one of the basic skills of professionals. Subjective evaluation of hardware and software, but also the most can reflect the professional level of the logo. Sound reflects the content is often clear, concrete and objective, but the sound quality and timbre is extremely abstract, subjective and inconvenient to communicate. To do well the evaluation of sound quality, the feeling needs to agree, induction, sublimation. Just as taste is conventional, everyone says sugar is sweet, so people call the feeling of eating sugar "sweet", and then encounter this taste of things, even if it is not sugar, everyone also said it is sweet.
Sound quality evaluation of the terminology of many, rich and complex, we must grasp the main and key to the norms to facilitate our performance and communication.
1. Clear and turbid sound system sounds to be clear, the frequency response to be wide and uniform, especially in the high-frequency density, reverberation appropriate, can better distinguish the tone and position of the instrument, otherwise called turbidity.
2. Rounded and hairy rounded refers to distortion, especially in the middle and high frequency distortion of the smallest sound, this kind of voice feel happy, sweet. Bass is not cloudy, the tenor is not stiff, treble does not stimulate the ear. The main feeling is that the sound is coarse and can be smelled distorted. If there is a 5% distortion in the voice, the average person has a feeling of being creepy and professionals can listen to 3%.
3. Plump and withered sound thick, loudness, high frequency sense of good, reverberation more foot, the transient response is called fullness, and vice versa is withered.
4. Bright and gray bright refers to the whole sound domain in the high, medium and bass balance on the basis of a slightly prominent treble, but also rich homophonic, reverberation moderate, distortion small. Gray refers to a severe lack of treble, bass relaxation, poor analytical power.
5. Broad and thin broad sound frequency response good, treble bright, bass ample, thin sound often white lack of bass or treble.
6. Dry and wet mainly refers to the reverberation effect. The reverberation time is short and the depth is insufficient. The reverberation is excessive and behaves as wet. The dry and wet sound is sometimes determined by the software and can also be caused by the listening environment.
7. The scene sense sound bright, spreads well, has certain reverberation, especially 800 inside the sound is more dense, the most close to the concert Hall effect, called the scene feeling good.
8. The balance sense frequency range is wide, especially the sound box each unit frequency convergence smooth, no bump, the entire sound fusion, broad, sounds relaxed, happy, is called the balance.
9. The warm and warm feeling of the sound has a larger individual difference. The cold sound distortion is very small, very balanced, the equipment has the very good physical index. And the warm voice is in the sound balance, the loss of straight on the basis of a small, more rounded, plump personality. The general use of transistor amplifier sound cooler, the tube has a charming warm color. The sound of cold and warmth are not derogatory words, preference for which kind of timbre varies from person to person.
In terms of sound quality evaluation, there are some specific words, such as a clean signal noise ratio, music signals between the small interference: the sound is floating, reflecting the sound is not fixed, reverberation excessive: hair, refers to the existence of instantaneous distortion, higher harmonics; stifleness, refers to the lack of high treble: sharp, coarse reflects the frequency response uneven and so on.
The sensory evaluation of sound quality is sometimes influenced by age, body condition, mental state, listening environment and so on. such as loudness, the human physiological factors are also to be very important. Only when the sound pressure reaches 90db, people's perception of high, medium and low sound is consistent, below this pressure, the ear is insensitive to treble and bass. To this end, some amplifiers are added to the equal loudness circuit to compensate for the human ear of this defect. Of course, the evaluation of Zhang Quality is best carried out under the prescribed sound pressure.